sedation dentistry in rocklin ca

Most people get somewhat nervous about going to the dentist. This is normal, especially if folks have had a bad experience during a dental procedure in the past. Some people even tense up at the thought of having their teeth cleaned.

In response to these fears, Sedation Dentistry has been created to help people relax and get through their dental appointment. Sedation Dentistry can be used for everything from serious procedures like oral surgery to a routine cleaning and exam. Sedation Dentistry includes medications that will make you feel relaxed and sleepy during a dental visit, but you will still need a local painkiller, such as Novocain.

We offer two types of sedation dentistry:

Inhaled Sedation (Nitrous Oxide)

Inhaled sedation is when you breathe nitrous oxide (also known as laughing gas) combined with oxygen through a mask. Your dentist can control the amount of inhaled sedation. Because the gas wears off quickly, you can usually drive yourself home.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Oral conscious sedation is when you take a pill to relax. Usually, the dentist will give you a pill called “Halcion” an hour before your procedure. This kind of pill will make you drowsy, but you'll still be awake. Some people actually fall asleep during a dental procedure, but can be easily awoken.

Seeing the Dentist Can Be a Comfortable Experience

As we mentioned earlier, whichever type of sedation you choose, you'll also need a local painkiller to numb the area of your mouth that the dentist is working on. You can have both painkiller and sedation.

If you have any fears and anxiety about going to the dentist, then sedation dentistry may be a great option for you. Don’t put off going to the dentist because you feel anxious or afraid. Any serious conditions will simply get worse and could result in tooth loss and gum disease.

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